Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm not dead...

I'm just very, very busy. 
Just finished Precinct, County, District and State Conventions for the Tarrant and Texas Libertarian Parties. 
Swamped at work. 
Good things are happening. 
We've gotten our feet in the door with the "Open Carry" gun rights movement.
Our candidates have an open invitation to speak at DFW/NORML events. 
There were at least 3 obviously gay dudes at the state convention - all of 'em are sick of Team Blue. 
All of those sections of society are starting to figure out that they have a common enemy - the people who are trying to take their money, their kids, their rights and their freedom. 

The Libertarian Party is the answer !!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another shooting in a gun-free zone

Here's a chart showing U.S. defense spending relative to that of other nations. 

Here's one of those cartogram things showing U.S. defense spending relative to our space on the globe. 

Here's a pie chart showing U.S. defense spending as a total of all discretionary spending. 

Go here to read an account of THE SECOND mass shooting at Fort Hood, Oklahoma.  Fort Hood is one of the largest U.S. Army bases.  This time the gunman killed 3 people and wounded 16 others. 

Look at the spending.  Read the account of the shooting.  The victims were having to call 911 (the emergency police number in the U.S.) to get help.  On a military base

Does this make any sense at all?  I hate that these innocent people lost their lives.  I'm not making light of this tragedy. 

But if they aren't allowed to protect themselves, what the hell are they doing for us?  Am I missing something? 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We have a clear, stark choice ahead of us

To all delegates to the Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention:

We have a clear, stark choice ahead of us. 

We've had these words, or similar verbiage, in our national and state platforms since the mid-1970's. 

The Tarrant County (Fort Worth/Arlington) Libertarian Party recently participated in the Fort Worth Gay Pride parade, after taking part in the larger Dallas equivalent for almost a decade. 

We were very well-received.  You can't imagine the looks of undiluted joy in the faces of the crowd when we pulled this rig through Downtown Cowtown !

We actually won the trophy for Best Non-Profit Entry. 

Contrast that greatness with this, from the new Vice-Chair of the Harris County (Houston) Libertarian Party.  Yes, this is coming from an official rep of the LP.....

The stats in this thing have been discredited more times than "The Hitler Diaries". 

Pick a side folks.  Pick a side. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kathie Glass For Governor !!

After long and thoughtful consideration, I've decided to support Kathie Glass for the Libertarian Party's nomination for governor of The Great State Of Texas. 

Kathie (along with her husband Tom) and I have been opposing each other, off and on, for about two years. 

So why the change of heart?  I've looked at the facts.  And when confronted with new facts, I often change my mind.  For documentation, hit the links.  You won't understand ANY of this unless you hit the links!!

*  In her previous gubernatorial run for the LP, Kathie proved that she could attract and maintain major donors to the party

*  As Chair of the Harris County Libertarian Party, she has surrounded herself with people who adhere to the LP's history of respect for all lifestyle choices. 

*  Kathie boldly and confidently stands up for the Libertarian Party's positions on ending the Drug War, decriminalizing marijuana use, and legalizing gambling.  She's a fighter! 

*  Kathie is aided in her campaign by her husband Tom, who, in his campaign for State Chair two years ago, conducted himself with genuine dignity and total honesty

* When our State Executive Committee takes actions that she believes are a mistake, she accepts our verdict and moves on

*  Pat Dixon, our State Chair, enjoys dealing with Kathie, as do our two Austin employees, Heather Fazio and Lauren Daugherty.  In fact, Heather and Lauren sometimes refer to Kathie as "Mom". 

*  Kathie has contributed staggering sums of money to the Texas LP over the years

*  As Chair of the Harris County LP, she doesn't always agree with everything done by other counties, but she always respects their process !!

*  Anyone who can create a good work atmosphere can probably create a good governing atmosphere as a civil servant.   Kathie has spread goodwill throughout our Austin offices. 

*  Unlike so many political candidates, Kathie is respectful of the political and the parliamentary process, and gracefully adheres to the rules of debate. 

*  Kathie believes that those who have worked hardest in the party deserve to represent the party!!

I hope everyone who reads this has a GREAT April 1st, with all that the date implies.  I hope you've looked at the facts in the links provided.  If you're confronted with new facts, do you change your mind?  I hope so. 

What Kathie Glass has done for the Libertarian Party of Texas, she can do for us in Austin! 

Most of the documentation for emails and quotes can be found here.  Others (unfortunately) are taken directly from emails within the Libertarian Party Of Texas. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Hypothetical Question on "Illegal" Immigration

I put this little hypothetical situation on Facebook the other day, and it has generated some lively discussion.  If you haven't friended me on FB yet, feel free to do so! 

Who does the American taxpayer more harm: 1) the guy from Mexico or Canada who is in the U.S. without a permission slip from Obama, who is working away mowing yards, hanging sheetrock, or pouring concrete for about $25,000 per year, and who is paying money into Social Security that he'll never be able to collect, OR, 2) the machinist or engineer at General Dynamics being paid $60,000 per year, directly by the taxpayers, to make aircraft we don't need?

(General Dynamics is a manufacturer of munitions and armaments for the military-industrial complex.) 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our government is like a bad factory

Next week I'll be going to Indiana. 

My employer purchased a percentage of a company up there.  It's an 8 million dollar per year operation that somehow managed to lose 3 million dollars. 

Yeah.  3 million. 

How in the hell can that happen?

Well, here are the basic reasons....

1) The old owners were not present.  "Everyone" was supposed to own the factory.  Therefore, nobody owned it.  The inmates were running the asylum. 

2) There were no incentives to keep costs down.  They were buying things from buddies and family.  (And they're still trying to, which I will end about one hour after walking in the door.)   

3) The place has a strong union mentality.  One co-worker of mine went up there to help out for a few weeks, and he swears that they weren't going to ship $300,000.00 worth of products because they had run out of #8 machine screws.  He drove down to Home Depot and bought some freakin' machine screws, and the orders shipped on time. 

4) Everyone was getting raises like clockwork, profitability and performance be damned. 

Those are the big reasons why the factory was losing money.  We almost have the place sorted out, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Does that factory remind you of another organization?  It should.   

Here are the reasons government doesn't work. 

1) Nobody owns the government.  "Everyone" is supposed to own it.  Therefore nobody owns it.  The inmates get to run the asylum. 

2) There are no incentives to keep costs down.  Bureaucrats are actually incentivized to create bigger budgets and hire more and more people. Therefore, their pay scale goes up. 

3) Government has the strongest union mentality in our nation.  Examples abound. 

4) Everyone working in government can probably tell you, plus or minus a few percentage points, how much they'll be earning five years from now, efficiency and performance be damned. 

That's all I got.  Hope you've had a good weekend !! 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On the U.S. trade deficit

I'm making this argument here for the last time.  THERE IS NO TRADE DEFICIT. 

As long as a trade isn't the result of theft, deception, fraud or government mandate (pardon all the redundancies), all trade is balanced.  There are no surpluses; there are no deficits. 

I give Starbucks $2.12 and they give me a double-espresso. 

They buy no freight or warehousing services from me. 

China provides me with fruitstand components.  I provide China with pieces of paper that have Benjamin Franklin's picture on them.  It's balanced. 

And there's only one place where you can swap Benjamins for other goods and services. 

That would be in the USA, or with someone who will eventually spend them in the USA. 

It's always balanced. 

Those who claim otherwise have ulterior motives. 

Thanks for listening. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A quick note from the author

I haven't had time to post anything on this site in the last eight days. 

I'm chair of the Tarrant County Libertarian Party.  We're in a bit of a struggle within the Texas LP, primarily because of Tom and Kathie Glass, Republican Carpetbaggers from Houston.  (They're married to each other, and deserve the honor....) 

Kathie hopes to win the LP nomination for governor of Texas. 

When we had our Precinct Conventions last Tuesday night, about 17 people walked in that I'd never seen before, or had seen only once.  They were obviously there to deny our long-time Libertarian activists a chance to go to our State Convention in April.  That's because Tarrant County (Fort Worth) has a lot of "lifer" Libertarians who've seen Tom and Kathie in action for the last four years or so.  Therefore, very few of us who are active will ever support either Tom or Kathie for any office.  We know them.  It's a long, tiresome story that I'll post sometime between now and our State Convention. 

I had to go into full-blown "Barbarians At The Gates" mode to keep the Glasses from taking over the County Party, and it worked.  Our slate of delegates had an overwhelming victory.  To make it better, the Glasses of Houston were there for the event.  (Don't ask me why they felt it was their business to infiltrate a Tarrant County Convention.)

I believe they had some limited success with this type of behavior in Denton County, but nowhere else. 

We had some great people show up for the first time at our County Convention.  I hope they'll come back, despite having been used as pawns by the Glasses.  If they continue to show up and help out, they can be delegates to their hearts' content.  This is the first year I haven't had to beg people to go. 

Once we get the video, I'll post a few snippets of Tom Glass, the Houston interloper, slithering back and forth in the aisles, whispering instructions and passing notes to his unfortunate surrogate.   And both of them GETTING IT WRONG!!  Tom, you can't just add 11 additional delegates to a slate of 16 delegates when there are only 16 spots in the delegation !!!  Good Lord in heaven, man!!  You're a freakin' lawyer !!!

Anyway, I have a District Convention to orchestrate this Saturday.  Once that's over with, I'll be back to posting regularly.  I've missed it.  I've seen a dramatic dropoff in ad revenue from this site, and I miss that money, too ! 

I don't know who put it together, but this Kathie video is pretty funny if you know the back-story. 

Click here to return to my April Fool's Day endorsement of Kathie Glass for governor.